Kids Invent! is back in full swing this week, with programs at Garfield, Cesar Chavez, Brletic, and Burrough’s Elementary.

Children from Chawanakee Unified School District visited the Lyles Center earlier in the month.  There were – twenty-five students, grades 3-5 and thirty students, grades 6-8 – competing in the Egg Drop Competition. Kids Invent! teachers were Neng Vue, Sadie Lee, Lupe Gutierrez, and Phannee Lor. Word on the street is that Chawanakee had a blast with the Egg Drop Competition! The next competition will be:

CONTRAPTIONS: Apply the laws of physics to design a super complex machine to achieve a simple task.  How do you predict the movement of objects?  How can you turn potential energy into kinetic energy? Students will be able to answer these questions and more by identifying and building simple machines that will work together to form a complicated one.  Inspired by Rube Goldberg’s comical drawings. These students will have two days to use their imagination to construct the wackiest contraption in ten steps or more.  On January 20, we will see who will succeed with their inventions.   

Kids Invent! visited Garfield Elementary (Selma) on January 12 and made Yo-Yos’ with the  2nd & 3rd grader.

Cesar Chavez and Matthew Brletic Elementary (both located in Parlier) resumed on January 13.