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Job Growth in U.S. driven entirely by startups, according to Kauffman Foundation study

New firms add an average of 3 million jobs in their first year, while older companies lose 1 million jobs annually

The study reveals that, both on average and for all but seven years between 1977 and 2005, existing firms are net job destroyers, losing 1 million jobs net combined per year. By contrast, in their first year, new firms add an average of 3 million jobs.


The Business Book Bestseller List

The 20 most important questions in business


The West Coast Corridor: 1400 miles of innovation on top of a fault line…

California has by far the largest number of tech workers. According to TechAmerica Foundation’s Cyberstates 2010 report, it has 993,000 tech workers, and its largest center is Silicon Valley. But it’s not just Silicon Valley that impresses me. If you fly north along the West Coast starting at San Diego, take a look at what you’ll be flying over.


Closing the Venture Capital Gender Gap

Women launch nearly half of all startups, yet they lead only 7 percent of companies backed by equity financing.

Start ups across America

 StartupsAcrossAmerica.com is the first entrepreneurial map of the United States, where startups can stand up and be counted. “As it grows it will detail the number of startups in each state and the funding they need to launch. By highlighting the numbers and listing the actual enterprises seeking funds, we intend to help level the playing field for access to capital,” said Ruth Hedges, CEO of Unismart Capital Software Inc.