A bed time story

Can’t be there to read your child or grand child a bed time story?
Record it and e-mail it.



Out of the loop in Silicon Valley

Women own 40 percent of the private businesses in the United States, but they create only 8 percent of the venture backed tech start-ups. Raising money is a challenge and when Crimson Hexagon, a Harvard MBA with a management position at HP pitched her idea, one venture capitalist told her she didn’t need a business card because all it would say is “Mom”.


Six universities form unique funding pact with Osage Ventures

A group of six universities including Yale, Penn, Duke, Florida, Michigan, and Cal Tech have formed a unique partnership with Osage Partners. Osage will raise at least $100 million for a new fund that will focus on early stage technology startups that emanate from the campus.


Entrepreneurship Quotes

We all love quotes. And when it comes to entrepreneurship, there are plenty. Here is a list of a few. Like the one from Guy Kawasaki “You have to be an optimist – almost delusionally optimistic – otherwise you’ll never ever think about creating something new, like a business.”  


Losing grip on the FRISBEE

Is FRISBEE going the way of “aspirin,” “escalator,” “thermos,”and “zipper”? All once had protectable trademarks and FRISBEE may soon join the list. What causes protectable marks to fall into public domain?