Geography and Entrepreneurship

A Harvard Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston has been sponsoring a series of talks on geography and entrepreneurship. Now, it has released aPolicy Brief that explores the question of “Why are some metropolitan areas so much more entrepreneurial than others?” For example, startups can be found on every block in Silicon Valley, while in declining Rust Belt cities startups are far and few between.

Authors Edward Glaeser and William Kerr report that high levels of entrepreneurship are closely correlated with regional economic growth. This means that “state and local policymakers may well want to do more to encourage entrepreneurship in their communities.” They offer a few tentative policy insights:

  • Investing too much in attracting large, mature firms may not be good policy. 
  • “There is little reason to have much faith in the ability of local governments to play venture capitalist.”
  • Policymakers should focus on the quality of life policies that can attract smart, entrepreneurial people.
  • Good universities have faculty members who are involved in local start-ups and train students to be entrepreneurial.


The Online Business Guidebook

The Online Business Guidebook

Running an online business? This guidebook is free and available online. The book was created by students at Virginia Tech in August of 2008 and has expanded ever since. Great resource for entrepreneurs wanting to launch or improve their online business.

The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI)

The Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI) provides an indication of the trend of innovative activity in the Clean Energy sector since 2002 in the U.S., along with Leading Patent Owners and Leading Country and State information. Results through the fourth quarter of 2009 reveal the CEPGI for 2009 to be at its highest level in the eight year period of its tracking at 1125 granted patents, up over 20 percent.

Facebook overtakes Google as most popular U.S. website

More people are looking for someone than looking for something.

Tech Entrepreneurship: Does the city you live in even matter?

With technology connecting people at a rapid pace, does it really matter where you live when you are launching and building a new company. Well, yes. Regions and communities are resource ecosystems critical to an entrepreneur and the constraints they must face. Despite our love affair with cool gadgets that enable us to connect quickly, in-person meetings are still essential to the entrepreneur.

Austin or Bust: 25 Entrepreneurs, Five Ideas and One Bus

The surge in entrepreneurial events continues to get more and more creative. Here is an example of 25 strangers boarding a “Startup Bus” in San Francisco with the goal of coming up with five business ideas by the time they arrive in Austin, Texas. The unique event is funded by an angel investor and it will be interesting to learn what ideas they are able to flesh out into a viable business. What other creative ways can you think of that will result in a new startup?

The 11 most expensive domain names ever

I know what your thinking is number one. You’re wrong. But you will be surprised to find out that the most expensive domain name sold for $16 million in 2009.